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Insurance is not a “one size fits all” business. You’d never know it based on the way most insurance agencies operate.
Most agencies represent one or two insurance companies. You know what happens when you only sell one or two companies? You sell solutions based solely on what you have to offer. You try to fit a square peg into a round hole.

We decided we wanted a more flexible approach for our clients. We created relationships that allow us to offer many choices. Today we have access to dozens of the best insurance companies in America. We aren’t obligated to offer you a “one size fits all” solution -- we have choices that allow us to find the best fit for your personal or business insurance needs.
We’re located in Southern California, with clients in California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas and New York. We’re growing and we’d be honored to have you as a customer. We are committed to gaining your trust by offering you the best choices, at the best prices, with the best service anywhere. Call us!
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Vince Harding

Direct:760-603-1100 Ext. 301

Working with good people and helping insured's for over 30 years is my passion. Few things are more rewarding than helping someone get the proper insurance coverage for their needs at the best price. That has been my goal since I became an agent. As an independent agent, I can sell for many insurance companies making it easier to get the best coverage and best policy for the insured.
Learning the business from the ground up, and for so many years, has given me insight into the pitfalls of many unsuspecting insured's. Let me help you from home and auto, umbrella, and business, I know that my experience will be of benefit to you.

My Hobbies and Activities:
Played 4 years of football in college and still enjoy sports as a fan.
Coached over 10 years of football at the Pop Warner and high school level
Coached my children in baseball, football and soccer
Still enjoy bike riding , surfing, Fishing and working in the yard.

Yisett Villanua

Commercial Sales Manager Agent
Direct: 760-603-1100 Ext. 304

I first began in insurance back in 1998. I have been in the industry ever since and I love it. I love educating people about insurance, explaining the different lines of coverage, how insurance protects their assets and what they need in order to be sufficiently covered. I have worked as a Broker and as an exclusive agent for Nationally recognized Companies . I really enjoy working as a Broker, as it allows me to comparison shop across many markets and find the one product or mix of products that are right for each client, at the lowest available rate. Insurance is not a “one size fits all” business. It should be tailored to meet each individual’s need. We all have different needs, and being a Broker allows me to do just that, to find the perfect product for each client. I enjoy having a conversation with a client that wants to learn more about their insurance needs.

Andre Barroso

Commercial Client Executive, CIC
Direct: 760-603-1100 Ext 308

Hello, I'm Andre Barroso and I'm a second generation insurance agent. You could say that insurance is in my blood, which is probably why I get dirty looks from the nurses at the blood bank when I donate. Aside from being an insurance agent for nearly 20 years, I'm also a Certified Insurance Counselor.

Insurance can be a somewhat tricky product to figure out. I've always been fascinated by the idea that almost everybody will need insurance at one point or another in their life but there is really no place for one to learn about it. There's no insurance class in high school and unless you pick the right field of study, you won't even learn about it in college. You learn about it in the real world, when you need it. And this, this is where my passion lies. Some agents will just “give a person a fish” by selling them a policy without much explanation. The agent is making most of the decisions for their client. I believe it is important to “teach a person to fish”. I want to understand and help my clients understand what their needs are and how insurance and sometimes non-insurance solutions can help mitigate their risk, allowing the business owner not to worry and to focus on what's important, growing their business.

I 'm part of an incredible team here at Harding Insurance and we have tons of different insurance markets at our disposal to suite the needs of almost any type of business. Please call me today if you have any questions or if I can be of any assistance. I. Love. To. Help.

Cesar Gutierrez

Direct: 760-603-1100 Ext. 306


Josh Causing

Customer Service Representative/Personal Lines Agent
Direct: 760-603-1100 Ext. 300